Getting your Ford serviced at Colley Ford is the best option.

Why Colley Ford is the Best Choice for Your ford Car Maintenance Needs
Have you been looking for a straightforward store to take your Ford for renovation and restoration? If you’re looking for a Ford dealership and live in or close to Portland, Oregon, Colley Ford is a car service near me the place to go. Colley Ford will do everything possible to offer you a satisfactory automobile provider. Your Ford car can be brought to Colley Ford for anything from standard maintenance to substantial repairs, as our facility is well-equipped to handle everything. Consider why it is the most beautiful alternative for maintaining your Ford car.
  • Convenient Location: When it comes to maintaining your Ford car, Colley Ford is the best option for many reasons, one of which is its convenient location. Most of the Portland metropolitan area’s primary roads and highways can easily reach Colley Ford. Given its proximity to Portland, Colley Ford is the dealership of choice for car service and repair. Colley Ford’s business district is east of the neighborhood, and most of the city’s major roads and highways are nearby. Colley Ford offers a complimentary shuttle service to customers who have their cars repaired there. This service lets you service your car without a long drive or traffic delays. Due to its central location, friendly employees, and free shuttle, Colley Ford is the most significant Ford service center.
  • A Comprehensive Menu of Options: Aside from being centrally located, Colley Ford also provides an extensive selection of services for your Ford car. Colley Ford is well-equipped to handle all your Ford service needs, from routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations to more serious issues like engine and transmission repairs and replacements. Saving money on auto maintenance has always been challenging, thanks to the incentives and discounts provided by Colley Ford.
  • Staff with lots of Experience and Expertise: Trust your Ford to a group of skilled professionals who know what they do when caring for your vehicle. You can trust that you will receive excellent care at Colley Ford. You can rest assured that your car is in good hands with our licensed and factory-trained specialists. Our staff is always available to answer any questions to ensure your Ford automobile is in good hands.
  • Competitive Costs: We at Colley Ford understand that price plays a significant role in auto service and repairs. For this reason, we provide all of our services at reasonable rates. Since everyone’s financial situation is unique, we do our best to offer flexible service pricing options. You may save even more money by bringing your Ford vehicle to Colley Ford for maintenance because we offer discounts and deals throughout the year.
  • High-tech customer service facility: Colley Ford is happy to offer a state-of-the-art service center to its clients. You can rest assured that their up-to-date diagnostic tools will fix your car correctly. If you need servicing for your Ford vehicle, you can trust that you will receive only the best treatment in a pleasant setting at Colley Ford.
  • Assistance to Clients in Need: Customer service and the general pleasantness of the employer’s offerings are each given the same weight via Colley Ford. Because of this, we put forth numerous efforts to ensure our clients are happy. Regarding providing excellent customer support, our pleasant and informed personnel will always go above and beyond the call of duty to fulfill all your necessities. When you bring your Ford automobile into Colley Ford for service, they do all in their power to guarantee that the time and money you invest is well-spent.
  • Service at a Ford Dealership: We are pleased to inform you that Colley Ford has earned its popularity as a Ford-authorized provider. Their service technicians are well-trained and authorized to perform Ford dealership service. Genuine Ford additives and add-ons will also be purchased here, giving you the peace of mind that comes with the understanding that your car is in good hands. Because we have this large inventory of actual Ford parts and add-ons, our vehicle servicing could be of the best possible standard.


Taking your car somewhere trustworthy and dependable for maintenance and repairs is essential. That’s why bringing your car into Colley Ford for service is in your best interest. You can trust your Ford car to Colley Ford because of our excellent service, reasonable rates, and extensive selection of new and pre-owned Ford cars. When you need maintenance for your Ford vehicle, come to Colley Ford, where our dedication to customer care and service center will provide you with the best experience possible. At Colley Ford, we understand that your Ford car is an essential part of your life. Our car detailing services will give your Ford car a deep clean and make it look new. We use only the best cleaning products and experienced technicians to ensure your car looks its best.

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